Sunday, January 04, 2009

Use Google search engine to promote your website

Today, I found a new feature on Google search engine. If you do some searching with keywords, you can see there is a little upward arrow on the right of each search resultUpward Arrow. If you move your mouse over the little arrow, the arrow will turn into green and show “Promote”, then next you click the arrow, the result that you selected will go up to the top of the result. So if one of the results is your website, you can use this way to make your website go to the top of the search result. Moreover, if you cannot find your website in the list of the results, then you can check the bottom of search results page, you will see a link named "Add a result". Just click this link, and type your website's URL into the box right below the message: “Add a page that you'd like to see the next time you search for...” Then click the "Preview" button, you will see the "Add" button. Click the "Add" button, your website will fly to the top of the search results. I think Google might use this way to make the search results more fit for users' intent. If more users use the upward arrow on the result from your website, then your website are more likely to be on the top of search results.But just noticed that these features are only available in English languages.

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