Saturday, January 24, 2009

Irish Scenery- King John’s Castle(Limerick)

King John’s Castle is located in Limerick City, Ireland, next to River Shannon which is the biggest river in Ireland. It was firstly built by the Viking sea-king in 922. I went there this summer. The castle has a really good view of Limerick city and River Shannon.

Overview of the castle and River Shannon


The entrance of the castle, some people are sitting on the cannon.

The weapon made by wood. It looks like a little bit fragile, doesn’t it?


Oven and stools


The shooting hole. Soldiers can fire arrows from there.



Bird’s-eye views of the castle and Limerick city.



River Shannon



Formidable watchtower


The man making coins


Gun and power

Some introduction about the castle from Wikipedia.

The Viking sea-king, Thormodr Helgason, built the first permanent Viking stronghold on Inis Sibhtonn (King’s Island) in 922. He used the base to raid the length of the River Shannon from Lough Derg to Lough Ree, pillaging ecclesiastical settlements. In 937 the Limerick Vikings clashed with those of Dublin on Lough Ree and were defeated. In 943 they were defeated again when the chief of the local Dalcassian clan joined with Ceallachan, king of Munster and the Limerick Vikings were forced to pay tribute to the clans. The power of the Vikings never recovered, and they reduced to the level of a minor clan, however often playing pivotal parts in the endless power struggles of the next few centuries.

The arrival of the Anglo-Normans to the area in 1172 changed everything. Domhnall Mor O’Brien burned the city to the ground in 1174 in a bid to keep it from the hands of the new invaders. The Anglo-Normans finally captured the area in 1195, under John, Lord of Ireland. In 1197 local legend claims Limerick was given its first charter and its first Mayor, Adam Sarvant. A castle, built on the orders of King John and bearing his name, was completed around 1200.

More introduction please see the link: Wikipedia.


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