Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A good wordpress plugin for google ads.

Yesterday, I spent whole night on looking for the best plugin for Google adsense ads. I had downloaded 5 plugins named: Adsense-integrator, Adsense-manager, All-in-one-adsense-and-ypn etc. Thanks Wordpress for easy installation of plugin, I can try them all easily. After installed and tried them one by one, I found Adsense-integrator is the best one for me. It does not need too much even a little PHP programming knowledge. You can just simply fill out the form provided by the plugin and press a button to update pages, then you can see your ads ideally appearing in your posts. Actually, I don't need any tools/plugins to help me to put Ads on the sidebar, it is easier to add Ads onto the sidebar manually by modifying the code. I am sure Adsense-integrator is what I want.

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