Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Thesis for Sharing

I graduated from University College Cork, Ireland with Msc degree in 2006. Since then, I have never touched my thesis again. It is useless to only keep it in my hard drivers. I would like to take it out and hope it can help some one who may need. The thesis is put on the following page: Some simple introductions are as follows:

A Multimedia Ordering System for Restaurant

Hu He, Department of Computer Science, University College Cork, Ireland, December 2005


This thesis is about a project which is developed as a multimedia ordering system for restaurant. The project includes two parts: Website Ordering System and In-restaurant Ordering System. In the Website Ordering System, customers can check the dishes, make their orders, and pay their orders through a website which has rich information (pictures, text etc) about dishes. In restaurants, PDA can be used to present the multimedia information of dishes to customers, as well as deal with the orders which can be transferred to kitchen and be recorded into database through the mobile devices and server. Also, this system provides a PC client which also can deal with orders and present the multimedia information to staff for training purpose.

Technology involved:

1: JVM on PocketPC
I use the PDA with Pocket PC system as the wireless mobile device for the ordering system, There are many JVMs which can run on the Pocket PC. Such as IBM’s J9 JVM [1] or NSICOM’s CrEme JVM [2]. There are several other JVMs on the market, but they all suffer from these problems: not supported anymore (Sun’s PersonalJava), not fully Java compatible (SuperWaba), not fully Java compatible (EWE), on sale to OEMs only (Esmertec JBed, formerly Insignia Jeode), or out of date (Insignia Jeode). Because the price for IBM’s J9 JVM is very good at $5.99/each., so I choose the J9 JVM at first.

Other technology used:

2: JVM and JDK on PC

3: RMI server-client mechanism

4: MySQL Database

Please go to this page for the details.

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