Monday, December 29, 2008

A wonderful place for fishing and surfing- Easky, Co. Sligo

Easky is located in Co. Sligo, Northwest of Ireland.
Easky pier is a good place for fishing. From the pier, you could catch Pollack, Coalfish, Mackerel, Wrasse, Dogfish and Conger Eel. A really advantage of fishing here is that the estuary of Easky river is just beside the pier, on the left of the castle (see the right bottom picture). This place is also a good site for surfing. Last Sunday, I went there and took these pictures; you can see big waves on the sea. I have to quit the idea of fishing when I was seeing these big waves. However, I was enjoying seeing many people are surfing on the high waves. Click the following pics to see bigger ones.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A good site to play online games

I am a game funs although I am more than 30 years old. Good games are always attractive to me. I usually spend at least 5 hours per week sitting in front of PC and playing games. Games always give me great breaks from my busy job or when I fell tired or bored. I had never tried to play flash games online before I found this site: When I was seeing the website at the first time, I was attracted by the colorful interface and variety of games. There are different kinds of games on this site. I believe that there is always one suit for your interest. Unlike some other game sites, the speed to load games is really fast on this site. I don’t have to wait 10 seconds before I can begin my favorite game. This makes much difference. By the way, one of my favorite games is Shooting Fish. Now, I am so glad to spend my spare time on playing online games for very good breaks.

Monday, December 22, 2008

One thousand fishman on the bridge!

I just came across interesting news today. In Luoyan city, Henan province of China, hundreds people were fishing from the bridge, and there were always fish being seen caught. It is a really awesome scenery.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Irish scenery--Cahir Castle, Co Tipperay

,Cahir castle is located in middle of Ireland. It is one of largest castles in Ireland. I used to travel between Waterford and Thurles (Co. Tipperary) by bus every weekend. There is no direct bus from Waterford to Thurles, I have to stop at Cahir to change bus. The bus station is right beside the Cahir castle. So I got chance to take deep look at the castle. I really like the castle. The thick and grey wall of the castle really seems to tell you that many stories happened there. The following history comes from Wikipedia:
The castle was built in County Tipperary in 1142 on an island in the river Suir by Conor O'Brien who is the Prince of Thomond. In 1375, the castle was granted to James Butler, newly-created Baron of Cahir, for his loyalty to Edward III. The Butlers of Cahir sided with the Irish in the Elizabethan wars, and in 1599 the castle was captured after a three day siege by the army of the Earl of Essex and was for a year put under the charge of Sir Charles Blount.
During the Irish Confederate Wars the castle was besieged twice. In 1647 George Mathew, the guardian of the young Lord Cahir, surrendered to Lord Inchiquin following his victory at the battle of Knocknanauss. In 1650 he surrendered again to Oliver Cromwell, during his conquest of Ireland without a shot even being fired.
The Great Hall was partly rebuilt in 1840.
In 1961 the last Lord Cahir died and the castle reverted to the state.

Friday, December 19, 2008

A nice perch and big pike

Winter is on going. Cold and wet weather keeps me thinking about the goodness of summer, something like, blue sky, fresh air, nice sunshine and those beautiful fishes. In the last summer, I stayed in Co.Tipperary. I used to fish in the River Suir every weekend. The River Suir runs through Thurles, Co Tipperary where I was living. The most wonderful thing is that I caught a big pike and beautiful perch in one day. I always keep these photos in my laptop so that I can see them whenever I want. Due to the extremely bad weather, I cannot fish in the winter but I have these photos and dream anyway.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Two Christmas Kringles

Wow, this year, I have to prepare two Christmas Kringles. One is for one member of my QA team, the other is for a guy in the company (200 people in my company!). This is a good game. The idea is that you don’t know who give you the gift and what the gift is. I like this way to present and receive gifts. I am preparing as well as looking forward to that.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shimano Sahara 4000FB Fishing Reel

Recently, I bought a Shimano Sahara 4000FB from Ebay. It costs me 34.99 pounds around 55 euros. Very good price! If I buy this in Ireland, I could pay more than 70 euros. It comes with a spare spool. According to the seller's description, this reel is imported from USA. I think it would be much cheaper if can buy it in USA. I have already two Shimano fishing reels: one is Aearos, the other is Catana. Compare to them, this one has 3 BB + 1 roller bearing and is really smooth. One feature is that once you lift up the bail, that means it really stop spinning. The other two don't have this feature, say, if I lift up the bail, they still spin a little bit before they stop completely, which cause the line messy sometime.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Bought a new domain and web hosting

My wife plans to open a website to put into some funny, weird and interesting stories in the world. She got plenty of spare time. We together decided the domain name: Now, Cleverdot provides a very good price for one year hosting plus a domain name which costs $29.95 in total. My previous web site: is also hosted by this provider. Hope working on this website can bring my wife some fun.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A fun site to kill time.

I just came cross a really fun site. This site provides 5 sets of survey for each user per day. Users can get some "tickets" after complete each group of survey. These tickets can be used to join the draw for prize. Occasionally, you can get some cash after complete one set of survey. Once the cash in your account is up to 2 dollars, then you can withdraw it with paypal. So far, I got 0.40 dollars and 240 tickets in my account in one day, I would continue this to see what will happen eventually. I am Just curious to see if it is true. The site is named InstantCashSweepstakes.Com .

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Irish scenery-- Moher Cliff

Mohers Cliff is one of the most worth to see seneries in Ireland. These cliffs are located in County Clare, west of Irleand. Some cliffs are over 200 metres. I went there and took some pictures in late 2007.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Irish scenery-- Waterford and Tramore

Waterford is one of cities on the east coast of Ireland. I used to study in WIT for PHD degree, but for some reason I gave up eventually. This is a nice small beautiful city. The most famous product produced in the city is Waterford Crystal. Click pics to see larger ones.

Tramore has beautiful coastal scenery and good fishing marks.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Fishing with Roland Martin" arrived.

6 days ago, I decide to use the money that I earned from Mechanical Turk to buy something. Eventually, I decided to buy a DVD "Fishing with Roland Martin", since I am a fishing fan. It arrived today! The DVD cost me 13.49 dollars itself, but the delivery fee is relatively expensive 6.49 dollars since it is delivered from the States. Another reason is that I can only spend that money on Amazon USA site.The DVD is really fun. It has good video, many fish catching actions, beautiful scenery.Now, Amazon only charge for 9.99 dollars. The video is amazing 506 minutes long. I sit down in front of my LCD for 4 hours without moving! Here is the link on Amazon : Fishing with Roland Martin (2-Disc Set)

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I am missing pork!

Today, I went to the supermarket for some meat, usually pork. I am really a pork eater. I am surprised to find: All pork is gone including sausages! The paper on the shelf tells me that all pork is recalled due to Diaxon contamination. Well, I have to stand up the life without pork. Many people lost their jobs because of this. The stories of food contamination have never stopped. Powerful humans kill many animals now they begin to kill themselves with chemicals. We need do something to save our lives. Is the green/organic food a good idea? Rich people can pay more to get organic food. What poor people can do?

Poor pig and empty shelf

Monday, December 08, 2008

Pollacheeny Harbour, Co. Sligo

Some people said there are many fish to catch on this spot, but please be advised, this place is a little bit smelly. Click pictures to see larger ones.

Financial crisis affects me.

Financial crisis affect everywhere in the world, including me of course. I lost 50% value of my stocks. It is a big loss, but I am not in panic, cause I only put extra and small sum of money into stock market. I always believe that I can get the whole value back. I don't want to buy and sell frequently so as to benefit brokers. The economy in the world is always up from the long term point of view. I believe it is always better to invest your money than just keep your money in the bank. But need to keep in mind, always invest your small portion of your income.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Irish scenery--Enniscrone, Co Sligo

Sunday, I went to Enniscrone and took some photos there where I used to fish during this summer.
Enniscrone pier during high tide.

close look, an empty place during Winter. Usually, there are at least 5 people fishing.

Beautiful Enniscrone strand which is close to the pier. A very good place for surfing!

Take looks from the pier