Monday, July 11, 2005

found sql driver for IBM J9

I have succeeded in on PDA using URL(*) to get the picture from httpserver today.
I try to find some api can make IBM J9 work with MySql. It seems there is not API for J9 to support the JDBC. I check the liberary of J9, found no java.sql.* inside.
Somebody say I can use JDBC Optional Package via the online update functionality, but How to?
I found a MySql Api(java.sql package) for j9, which is database_enabler_cldc.jar, but it is only suitable for the midp program design. can’t be used on code for CDC. It is said that there is Database_enabler.jar package in the jclMac comfiguration.At last, I use WSDD5.7.1 “update” function to download the file, and I succeeded. To get the file, should follow the path: Micro Environment Toolkit for Websphere Studio---Extension Service for Websphere Everyplace---Extension Service.
Today I also found a PDA emulator for window mobile 2003SE, which is convenient for development.

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