Sunday, February 15, 2009

Find MP3 music online by singing it

According the report of, Google China is developing a new MP3 search technology which will support voice searching i.e. Users can find a MP3 song via singing it themselves. reported that this project is one of very important products for Google China in 2009. It will be on the market in late this year. According to the normal developing speed of Google new products, it could be available in half year.
This product would be a breakthrough in music search area. Users can find the song that they want by just singing it instead of type the name of the song.
But this new MP3 search engine maybe needs some human interfering at the first phase, for example, users may need to set some parameters manually.
Good started the mp3 search project in China last year. Aug 5, 2008, Google decided to invest in which is a Chinese music website. They are working on providing free MP3 search service. provides music content, and Google China provides search technology.


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